Parents, Try These 15 Strategies for Empowering Teens – Family Video Coupon

A teen who decides not to divulge their personal information with anyone , or allow others to touch or use the information in a manner that is not appropriate is called -setting. Your child should be able to discern their boundaries and communicate effectively to other teenagers. Train them to make use of statements that start with ‘I’, for example, ‘I’m not comfortable doing this’. This is a better approach rather than using accusatory or blame words, since it helps students to be confident and clear when it comes to expressing boundaries.
9. Encourage the use of critical Thinking

It’s becoming increasingly important for children to consider the plethora of data they encounter daily. Make sure they are able to question each piece of information they get their hands on instead of consuming it with the assumption that it is a reliable source. Then, you can teach them to analyze their thinking, so they are able to avoid misinformation and make better decisions and are more independent.

One way of fostering critical thinking and empowering teens is to pose them with open-ended questions. Encourage them to think about the subject before they respond. Instead of, for instance, askthem, “Didn’t you like the movie What did you think of the film?’ You can ask them to think about what the main ideas of the film are. They will be able to think deeper and consider the perspectives they may not have otherwise.

Additionally, you can promote critical thinking by showing your child with a variety of perspectives and viewpoints. Inspire them to watch documents on various subjects reading books, or have discussions with others who have various perspectives.

Furthermore, it is essential that you expose and help them learn to research. It’s an effective technique to analyze data. Learn to teach them to search using search engines, examine credible sources and verify information prior to agreeing to it as factual.

10. Make a Positive Exemplary

No matter how much you are aware of it.