Teaching Your Kids Rules of Safety in the Kitchen – Balanced Living Magazine

There were 4,820 people killed, and 495 injuries. The 550 deaths represent 21% of all house fires reported, and the injuries make up nearly half (44 percent) of all home fire injuries.” A recent study from Beaumont Emergency Hospital further exemplifies this by presenting figures showing “Two-thirds of home fires start in the kitchen. there are 480 deaths per year from kitchen fires and 350,000 people are injured from kitchen knives every year. The most common injuries are burned, fires and cuts.”

The risk of fires, cuts, burns along with injuries property damage is excessive, these are one of many reasons why safety in the kitchen should be a priority with children living in the home. Here are some ways to make sure that your children are prepared to assist in the basics of cooking in order to get them involved in your next party meal cooking or early Sunday breakfast along with the entire family. Make sure you follow these rules of security in the kitchen, and you will be good for the job!

Food and Safety Supplies

Safety of food and supplies are the most important and essential rules to introduce kids to safety and security in the kitchen. It is crucial that kids be taught how to keep food safe and properly handle it. Also, they need to know how and when to properly utilize various equipment and tools.

Food Storage – There are essential rules to follow when it comes to handling food items that all kids must know and remember. It includes keeping meat off the counter and refrigerating milk items. It is also important to be aware of cross-contamination in food storage and preparation. If your child is not able to master the art of storing food safely then they will never be able to prepare food for themselves and your family.

Food handling – Children will also need to be taught the safe handling of food. These could be small things for example, remembering to clean their hands prior to washing them, to wash their hands after, or to