11 Tips for Clearing Your Credit Card Debt – Money Saving Amanda

That you do not use it you don’t use it as often. You can contact a charity offering cash in exchange for the sale of the car.

There are many facilities that pay car owners cash for their automobiles in the same day. These facilities then go straight to their residences to take the vehicle. As long as the vehicle title is in good standing and you’re able to show you own the vehicle, you’ll likely get the money.

There are plenty of alternative ways of raising money for your credit card debt. One idea is to sell your items at flea markets. It is possible that you do lack the money to pay for tables. In this case, your own yard sale is preferable since you don’t have to shell out money for renting tables, or offer it for sale on the spot.

The possibility of selling your product online could help you raise funds quicker. You can market your products to a broader audience if you offer them on a renowned auction site or on an online store. Earnings you make from sales will be used to chip away the credit card debt.

6. There is a possibility of a second job.

Additionally, you could reduce your credit card debt by obtaining jobs on the side and using that cash to repay credit card debt. There are many ways to bring extra cash into your household, and these are just a few suggestions that can provide quick cash as well as allow you to be flexible with your schedule:


It is easy to raise additional funds by offering rides to work or to the doctor for pay. If you have a vehicle well-maintained and you have valid insurance, it may prove to be a viable option. It typically takes one week to get approval for the ridesharing service in which you have the option of setting the hours you want by simply logging in any time you wish and offering rides.

Food Delivery

Food delivery is another aspect which you can supply as a general contractor in business in addition to your other. You can use the platform of several firms to offer food.