16 49th Birthday Celebration Ideas to Treat Yourself On Your Special Day – you can’t buy culture


11. Birthday with a View

The city’s view is an experience you’ll enjoy every day if you reside in the area. How about hosting your celebration at the top of the property? There are tables available at the rooftop restaurant. It is possible to enjoy wine and food while enjoying the nightlife in the city. You can host a night in the rooftop bar with your significant other. Take in the stunning view as you sip a glass of wine with your buddies. There are services that can assist you to book a space on the roof for evenings or during the day. You’ll feel like an emperor or queen for the night.

12. Home Entertainment: Style up!

There is another way that you can celebrate at the comfort of your home. If you’re just looking to stay , but you would like to make an impression with your buddies. Hire an instrument for cover or a string quartet if you have the funds. There are a lot of 49th-day celebration suggestions that could be used to make up for the financial constraints. The friends you have with you can play. You can hire someone else or are playing yourself, you’ll be able to provide wine and snacks for everyone to enjoy as they listen. A party doesn’t need to be dull or boring.

13. Party on the Square

This is another stay-at-home-and-enjoy-your-birthday-idea. Are you a gaming enthusiast? It’s not just about video games. Simple boards can do just right. There are a myriad of games to choose from. Start by playing an icebreaker with a close friend. It is also possible to play other games with your friends. The perfect way to mark your birthday by playing games like Candyland, Monopoly and Scrabble. Make it an actual game evening with lots of food and beverages. Little prizes are also possible to be awarded to winners after the game.

14. Go to the Art Museum

This one is for the arty creatives among you. You know that art museum you’ve wanted to see but didn’t have the time? You can make it an anniversary trip. There will be no present.