The American Dream found in Austin Texas

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The American dream is alive and well, despite the recession in the United States economy. However that dream is changing it’s destination. Many people used to believe they needed to travel to traditionally larger cities like New York, LA, or Chicago Austin Texas. However today, smaller interior cities like Oklahoma City OK , Providence RI, and Savannah GA have been seeing not only solid economic vital signs, but actual growth as well. One of the more prominent of these new growth cities is that of Austin, Texas.

Austin Texas is a historically rich city, and the capital of the state of Texas. In it’s recent history its become quite the cool and technologically savvy city. With the high number of colleges and universities in the area, and the highly active music and nightlife scene, Austin has become quite the hipster haven. Autinites boast some of the most active online users, collectively reading and contributing to more blogs than anywhere else in the United States.

Austin office space for lease is becoming a hot commodity with over a hundred technology, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies now calling the Texas capital home. The location of commercial real estate Austin has to offer has boomed in recent year as well, with over 130 retail stores located in the heart of downtown. While much growth has occurred in the Violet Crown city, the trend is being projected to continue. New Austin commercial real estate as well as office space is continued to be developed and constructed daily.

Where better place to start a company than in the plethora of office space austin tx has at it’s disposal? Austin was named as the best city for small business growth in 2012 in the southern region of the US. The popular South by Southwest music festival brings in over 150 million to the region annually, through tourism, ticket sales and night life. Investing in Austin office space for lease is rapidly becoming the best way to start or expand your business in a growing and dynamic city, ripe with potential for continued success. More on this.

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