You Do Not Have to Face the IRS Alone

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Do you have an IRS tax problem that caused the Internal Revenue Service to impose a wage garnishment on you? If so, are you worried you may lose your job because of it? Well, you don’t have to worry about that because it is against the law for your employer to fire you if they are ordered to handle a wage garnishment. In fact, firing an employee because of it is a criminal offense and your employer faces fines as much as $1000 and a year in jail if they do try to fire you for an IRS wage garnishment. Under the Constitution, taxpayers must receive notice of an intended wage garnishment or tax levy. Taxpayers have the right to a hearing first too.

The IRS has the right to levy your bank accounts, wages, social security payments, insurance proceeds, accounts receivables and more. The IRS is a feared government institution because of all the powers they have. If you have an IRS tax problem, you need professional help and you need it now. Never make the mistake of doing nothing when you have an IRS tax problem. If you do, your Irs tax problems will just get worse.

The IRS does not need to go to court to impose a wage garnishment or to levy your bank accounts. They have the right to act independently of the courts. They can take administrative actions like the ones mentioned in order to satisfy a tax liability. You cannot get out of paying state or federal income taxes. People who try end up running to professionals for help with IRS tax problems. If you have problems with IRS you do not have to face them alone. Tax attorneys are available who will act as your representative. These IRS tax experts can solve your IRS problems for you. There are certain provisions available to people who need help with irs problems today.
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