Protect Your Investment with Metal Carports

Metal carports

Steel has been called ‘the EnviroMetal’ due to its ability to be recycled endlessly without loss to its quality. America recycles more steel each year than plastic, paper, aluminum, and glass combined. RV storage is a problem for many RV owners who may not have adequate protection for their vehicle on their own property, which makes metal storage ports a viable option. The first RV was the chauffeur driven Touring Landau, made by Pierce Arrow in 1910. The Landau has a back seat that folded into a bed, featured a chamber pot toilet, and had an intercom system between the passenger and the chauffeur. An early name for carports was ‘auto space’ and was created by a Minnesotan architectural firm but it never caught on. Metal carports are great for the environment and make for practical alternatives to building standalone garages.

In truth, metal carports are durable, easy to construct, and provide protection for cars against the elements of less than desirable climates. The best thing about metal carports is their ability to protect cars without requiring the assembly of full scale garage buildings. Ideally, a garage would be the most desirable solution but, in general, metal carports offer enough protection to ensure the vehicle underneath does not receive damage, or too much damage, because of its outdoor exposure. The most important thing to consider when it comes to metal carports are the alternatives such as metal carport kits or things like metal garages. Take some time to explore car ports and get an understanding of what its going to take to fully protect your car.

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