Cigna Urgent Care Phoenix is More Affordable

Walk in clinic phoenix

It used to be that you could only go to urgent care Phoenix for a non life threatening medical problem. Today however, Cigna urgent care Phoenix offers lab services, xrays and routine physicals. People can even get STD testing Phoenix if they go to a North phoenix medical clinic. 24 hour urgent care Phoenix is the best option when you have a medical situation come up that is urgent, but not an emergency. If you need to see a medical doctor and you cannot wait until office hours, go to clinic for Cigna urgent care phoenix.

If you go to a hospital emergency room for something like the flu, it can end up costing you about $1500. About 5 to 20 percent of people, here in the United States, will get the flu each year. Sometimes they have to see a doctor for it. If you go to Cigna urgent care, it typically only costs about $150. You can see that going to Cigna urgent care is considerably less expensive.

Less than one half of all primary care doctors provide after hour care. In fact, only about 29 percent of doctors see patients after hours. What do people do if they have a medical condition come up, such as a sprained ankle, ear infection or a minor burn? Should they go to a hospital ER for such things? Going to Cigna urgent care makes more sense. In fact, about 3 million patients are going to urgent care centers each year now, which leave the ER open for true emergencies today. Look for locations for Phoenix urgent care in the online directories, listed under Cigna urgent care Phoenix.

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