Wireless Security and Surveillance DVRs can Augment Home Security

Video surveillance system

There are over 2 million home burglaries reported in the U.S. each year. Most of the burglaries could be prevented with proper surveillance. A CCTV security system backed by a surveillance DVR, such as an 8 channel dvr or 16 channel DVR, is often a great way to deter burglaries from happening again.

Governments have taken an interest in surveillance DVRs and CCTV cameras for some time. CCTV cameras are used for surveillance purposes, and can either be video cameras or take stills. The former Chicago mayor Richard Daley has stated that his city would have a camera on every street corner. London already has a comprehensive surveillance network, with 1,000 cameras on shopping thoroughfare Oxford Street alone.

A home security camera system is easy to install. Many CCTV cameras are wireless, and can stream video and audio to a surveillance DVR via an intranet. At times, a surveillance dvr can even have augmented reality features, such as motion sensing. Of course, all surveillance DVRs are capable of time stamping images.

Governments and institutions already use CCTV cameras and surveillance DVRs to deter crime. Homeowners can, too. Installing a wireless security system with a surveillance DVR is a great, low cost way not just to secure property, but to provide piece of mind as well.

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