Organic Food, The Best Fuel For Your Body

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Hippocrates is well known for saying “Let food be they medicine and the medicine thy food.” He is known for being the father of medicine, doctors still take the Hippocratic oath when graduating medical school, Hippocrates also laid the foundations for nutritional therapies.

Food plays such an important part of our lives, so providing your body with the best possible food will fuel you in all endeavors. Organic, wholefoods are an important part of a healthy diet. The popularity of organic food is easily demonstrated by the ever growing organic food and beverage market, valued at nearly thirty billion dollars.

Even though nearly half of the organic products sold are produce, organic food can be found in nearly every isle of a super market. You can even find organic healthy snacks for kids lunchboxes. Buying organic can also be a lifestyle choice, there were over two billion dollars worth of organic clothing, household products and cosmetics sold in 2011. If you cannot find organic products locally, many retailers sell organic food online.

The reasons for eating organic food varies from person to person. Organic foods are produces without harmful chemicals like pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Eating organic whole foods is a better source of nutrients for your body than a processed substitute. Some consumers turn to organic produce when looking for healthy snack ideas.

Organic meats and dairy products are produced without growth hormones and antibiotics. The use of drugs in animals used for food has lead to the spread of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. The use of growth hormones in cattle is also a concern to many people, thus they turn to organic food.

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