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Recent studies show that around 21 percent of teenagers have abused drugs, either at their own home or at a friend’s home. Almost 7 percent of Americans use marijuana during the past month in 2010, according to a study performed in 2011. More business owners are using a drug free policy at work in order to curve the problems that drugs create in the workplace. A drug free workplace policy can be provided by companies that offer services for drug screening Houston. Being dot compliance is best achieved by outsourcing solutions for drug testing Houston. One of the major reasons why businesses want to be dot compliance is involves safety.

Every year, around 571 million work days are lost in the United States because of people abusing alcohol. Companies that provide a drug free program for organizations also provide dot compliance training programs, which will eventually produce a more productive and safe environment. Companies that are dot compliance experience less missed days of work and fewer injuries. Decreasing absenteeism, accidents, and downtime, is achieved by implementing dot compliance programs. Deterring employees from using drugs or alcohol is a great way to improve the safety of a work environment.

Statistics shown by the NCADI state that drug users are less productive than those who don’t abuse alcohol and drugs. In fact, people who don’t abuse alcohol and drugs are less likely to call in sick. Furthermore, fewer injures are experienced by people who don’t abuse alcohol and drugs. Finding companies that specialize in dot compliance programs is easily done online. Websites like social networking sites, business directories, and other types of sites. Businesses need to be competitive in today’s business world, and implementing a drug free workplace program is a great way to ensure all employees are safe and productivity.

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