Choosing a Hummus Spread

Hummus calories

If you happen to be in the market for a tasty snack that can feed a number of people with different specialized diets, many hummus spread brands are a perfect solution. Most hummus ingredients primarily consist of chickpeas, which were first cultivated about seven thousand years ago in ancient Phonecia. In some parts of the country chickpeas are better known as garbanzo beans, so bear this in mind whenever looking at the hummus ingredients on a label. It should also be noted that many Middle Eastern countries have their own spin on hummus recipes as well, as the dish has deep roots in places like Egypt, Israel, Syria, Palestine, and Yemen. However, the Association of Lebanese Industrialists petitioned the Ministry of Economy and Trade in their country for hummus to receive protected status as a specifically Lebanese dish in the eyes of the European Commission back in 2008. To date, hummus spread remains a regional favorite with no preferred nation having yet seized the term for its own in Europe.

When it comes to choosing a hummus spread for yourself or a guest, roasted garlic hummus dip and roasted red pepper hummus are both very popular and easy to find varieties. If you are looking for a traditional presentation, top your hummus off with a few drops of parsley, olive oil, or paprika for a tasty and lovely garnish. High in folate, iron, and vitamins B6 and C, your choice of hummus spread should be as easy on your health as it is on your palate!

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